Friday, January 28, 2005

Urines Libertad!

This is the sort of post that makes Matt's blog better than mine, but I have to post it anyway. It's alarming to think of how many blog posts have been devoted to this topic.

A man trapped by an avalanche drank 60 bottles of beer and peed on the snow to free himself. The best part is the description of how the police found him.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Matt is beating me

Content and character. Hoo ah.

If I may continue my blogging trend of useless information, I'd like to point out that Donkey Konga is the greatest game since Half-Life 2, which is the greatest game ever.

Mike kindly bestowed upon me with a copy of the game for Christmas, after he brought over his Donkey Kongas and we had a friendly kongoff. Ian, Tiara, and brothers Ben and Josh were also present, and a good time was had by all. Ian ruled us all with an iron fist, of course, but it was a good-natured iron fist, as is his way. Mike and Tiara were also quite adept, tackling konga beats of 5 and even 6 drum-icons-of-difficulty! Ben and I were quite good at adding the unnecessary "Ah DANG it!" beat to any songs that we attempted.

I now aspire to acquire my own kongas, for I predict this game to be A Great Hit at parties and social gatherings. (Look, I pulled a Ryan!) Matt, you'll dig it, as will Amy and Lidia I'll betcha. Justin will like it too.

Speaking of Helmut, are you back from Oregon? How was your Christmas? Happy New Year!

Mike, how did the all-day Lord of the Rings marathon go? Was it mind-blowing? How went the snack eatery?