Saturday, January 13, 2007

For me Ma on her birthday

Here are a few new illustrations.

George and Ben of the upcoming comic.

Some weird little dudes called Puggs in a field.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Scud is coming!

Rob Schrab is working on Scud 21! After many many years of Schrab dropping off the face of the comics planet, he's returning to finish the Scud storyline once and for all. I really hope the experience is enjoyable for him (he has said that, by the end of the Scud run, he hated comics), because I love his art and story-telling and it'd be great to see more. I know his passion is movies, so I hope to see him get more work in that arena as well, but I'm still hooked on his comics.

He has some other great stuff at his site, including a pitch for a mummy cowboy called Rot Gut.

Also, as I've been poking around online about other Western comics (Dead West, Gunned Down, and Desperadoes) I've discovered that this is a bona fide trend, along with zombie comics. Why? Why do the trends always line up with my interests? I discover and begin my love affair with samurais, and all of a sudden there are all these cool samurai comics/films. I rekindle my interest in Westerns, and all of a sudden Doug TenNapel announces Iron West and Jonah Hex gets renewed. Each time my passion began before these movies or comics were even announced, so it's not like I'm just following the trends. I'm not suggesting that I'm some sort of trend-setter either. All I claim is Weird Coincidence. Or perhaps Supernatural Wish Fulfillment.