Friday, August 29, 2008


Amy and I joined my brothers, my cousin Chris (with wife Christina and baby Cate), and his friend Bob in Havasu last weekend. It was a blast. Here are a few videos of the weekend's activities.

First, Chris and I attempting to use the surfboards for doubles skis.

Here's Chris and I jumping off the outcropping in Copper Canyon.

Here's a longer one of Ben and Chris surfing. Ben pulls some tiny airs.

Josh worked on the surfboard especially for use on the lake. He chopped of the nose and the tail, making for a very unusual ironing board shape. It actually looked like how comic artists usually draw surfboards with no reference.

Hellboy II (2008)

Finally saw it. Worth a rent for the creature designs/effects and humor. Nothing special otherwise.

I enjoyed the heavier dose of humor this time around. The moments weren't as poignant as those in the first movie, but they did make me laugh and there were a lot more of them. The creature effects, like everyone has said, were delightful and very fun to watch. The Troll Market is a nice 2008 version of the Mos Eisley Cantina (or Jabba's Palace, if you prefer). Kudos to del Toro for keeping most of the creatures practical, effects-wise. I didn't really care for the handling of Johann (his voice or his personality - his final line was particularly bad). It was odd at first hearing Doug Jones' voice for Abe (instead of David Hyde-Pierce's), but as the movie continued I got used to it and thought he did a great job.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Celebrity sighting

Amy and I got back from our week in Michigan yesterday (more on that in a future post), and we shared a flight with Amy Smart (Tasty Coma Wife on Scrubs, Just Friends, etc.). I wasn't sure it was her, but I saw her on the plane and picking up her luggage, and it looked a lot like her. She was dressed well and had a dog. I looked up her profile on IMDB and it turns out her parents live in Michigan and she has done some commercial work there. So it was probably her.

I haven't seen many celebrities "in the wild," so it was kinda cool.