Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Future is Here

A robotic ball that chases burglars? Sign me up!


Jonathan said...

Does it destroy every wall in the house while it chases the intruder?

No? It only weighs 10 lbs?

Then how the heck would it "corner an intruder" if it can't even break his ankles?

jeri said...

Yeah... couldn't an intruder just kick it?

Ryan said...

That's what I thought, but then . . . no! It would roll right under them as they kicked, so that when they withdrew their kicking foot, they would stumble on it and break their ankle!

And think of the SHAME of getting foiled by a robotic ball! That's EMOTIONAL damage!

Jonathan said...

Wow, if that's what a 2-foot ball would do, imagine what a hundred tiny marbles would do, and for a lot less than a million dollars!

Ryan said...

*le sigh*

I know Home Alone would have you believe that everyone falls ass-over-teakettle every time they step on marbles, but it just isn't so. Have you ever tried stepping on marbles? I have, and believe me, it's nothing special.

Jonathan said...

Holy SHIT you've stepped on marbles?! And lived to tell about it?!

(Marbles on carpet don't count, you know this right?)