Thursday, June 02, 2005

Superman chucks a ball

Check out this video:

Sunset, Superman, baseball.

It's one of Bryan Singers' video diaries. Nice to see them using practical effects!

I made my own lemon cannon with the help of my physics teacher uncle, Jonathan. Mine runs on combustion and not compressed air, however. We use engine starter in a can. It's pretty dang fun, and my house in Carlsbad is ideal for it. We have a big canyon behind our house that we can fire into with impunity.

Mike probably remembers firing it. I remember that was the day he brought over his limited edition Ghost Obi-Wan, which is about as nerdy a memory as you can have. Do we balance out the nerdiness with our use of internal combustion cannons? You decide.

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

So you were Star Wars nerds and physics nerds?

By the way, I wasn't checking your blog, I was just searching the web for my name and clicked the link before realizing what site it was. So you're addressing random sentences to me now?