Sunday, January 22, 2006

Forgot to mention!

Doug TenNapel is taking a sabbatical from daily blogging and he asked a couple people to blog in his stead. It's the most frequent blogging I've ever engaged in. Stay tuned here. I've made four posts so far.

First: a review of Downfall.
Second: a review of Munich.
Third: a link to John-Mark Reynolds' Iran posts.
Fourth: a response to a response to my Downfall review.


Sher said...

I completely agree with your post about Lost.

frak said...

I just started watching Lost last night and so far i got to say it was pretty cool. I didn’t read that post to save myself from any spoilers. I am only one disc into the story thus far…

Ryan said...

You'll love it, Frankie.

Sher, thanks for the comment! Let's hope they don't continue to destroy Eko, eh?

Sher said...

Last week's was pretty much useless, too (the one before the re-run). Is there no consistency of story anymore?

frak said...

"Ryan - Artist and apologist who works at BIOLA. "

Wow ryan I just saw that little box up top the screen... that is so cool! Congrats!

How do you guys decide who goes on what days?