Friday, September 29, 2006

Rogue squirrels: I warned you!

Squirrels have begun their assault.

Ok, this all goes back to when I was bit by one at the beach when I was 12. I had to get two gigantic shots, and one was *eernk!* right in the butt. I think the needle was as thick as a crayon, and about as sharp as one as well. That squirrel was just an initial testing of our defences, a scout, but this...

This is the full-scale assault.

Arm yourselves.


Jonathan said...

Wow. That story had so many parallels to the War on Terror I had to quit counting the similarities.

Reading the article substituting references to "squirrels" with "terrorists" is frighteningly insightful.

Ryan said...

Ha! You're right.

"I think it's our fault, because we made them aggressive," Carmen Perez of Palo Alto said. "Now it's dangerous and we have to do something."

Freakin' lefty.

Jonathan said...

Ah, but the point is that, even if it is our fault for making them aggressive...

You still have to kill the squirrels.