Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Crying Wii-tears

Who do you have to whack to get a Wii around here? Another big shipment comes in this weekend, and another million fan-boys and jerk-butt eBayers snatch 'em all up. Nintendo, you said you'd ship enough by the end of the year so that I could just walk into a store and a leave with one. You lied to me through song!

To make it worse, Joseph Lamb visited yesterday and regailed Nathan and I with wondrous stories of Rayman: Raving Rabbids, a game for which I think I've watched every video available. I love the design of the rabbits so much. It's funny, because I think Rayman himself is a terribly unappealing character (design-wise). See exhibits A and B below.

Cute as the dickens.

R-Tard. How did this guy get a second game? He's horrible. There was never an era where his look was "cool." He has none of the appeal of Mario, Sonic, or Megaman. He's no leading man.

I would, however, buy any game featuring those rabbits.


jeri said...

You could always freeze yourself and re-awaken sometime in 2007 when they're available. Just don't let Butters be responsible for unfreezing you.

Okay, I hope you saw that South Park double-episode, which was AWESOME, or that won't make sense.

Ryan said...

...What? Jeri, you're insane.

Jay kay, I saw it. HAHAHA!

Joe said...

I feel you pain!
What is worse is that I have the Rayman Game and my extra Wiimote + Nun sitting next to my TV set all Wii-less.

I'm here in La Mirada so If I get a line of a place that has more than one Wii I'll let you know.

-Joe "fellow wii-less one"

Ryan said...

Thanks, Joe. Best of luck in the hunt.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you mentioned the bunnies! When Katie and I played Ray and we saw those guys we thought of you.

Ryan said...

Ha! I wish I'd thought of their design. It's so appealing to me.

...Wait, do you guys have a Wii? Did you already tell me that and did I forget?

EvY said...

Lied to me through song!! Ha Ha. I just played the Wii and it was interesting. Matt and I boxed each other, I KO'd his ass.

Kenfield said...

Sadly, no we do not own a Wii. We just have friends who do.