Thursday, April 26, 2007


Amy and I found an apartment! It's behind Savers. Not too far from Biola, we trust the landlord, and it's pretty nice. Our landlord is this great old guy: ex-Marine, ex-cop, and a Christian to boot. He takes good care of his tenants. Plus we found out that we know a few of his tenants already, so that speaks well of the place.

It's weird having a place that's ours. I'm not used to the idea yet.

Brother Josh helped me pick up a fridge this Tuesday, and so far that's the only bit of furnishing we've done.


Sher said...

I haven't been around in a while ... did you get married?

frak said...

You will be missed... you will be missed. But I is mui happy for you and Amyies.

Ryan said...

Gettin' hitched in a month.