Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Got the alien!

Though the giant robotic monkey has eluded capture, I was successful in catching another rare hunk of plastic: Mike Mignola's alien.

Just a beautiful design. I love the little Kirby-esque facial details.

I also got Johann, Roger, and Hellboy with rocket pack in the set. Johann is another really cool character.

The version I have features a transparent head and transparent yellow ectoplasm instead of the blue.

Johann has yet to be featured in any Mignola-drawn books, unfortunately, but he was created by Mignola. He's a being of pure ecto-plasm who is contained in the suit you see above. He's a different sort of "ghost in the shell."


Anonymous said...

Hey! What did you buy your wife?

The Horns and the Hawk said...

i love mignola. if i ever meet him, i will lick the "right hand of doom."

Ryan said...

Oh yeah, I bought my wife this really cool Star Wars Animated statue of Princess Leia and R2-D2. I should post a picture of that.

Amy, that was you, wasn't it? Anonymous my Aunt Fanny.

Hethe Srodawa said...

Dang, those are nice figures. Super cool. Sorry we missed you at the con. I got super scattered the last few weeks with different members of Tara's family in town. We had family out over the con too.

Ryan said...

No worries at all, dude. Glad you had fun at the con. It was nuts this year.

aAgadoni said...

Yes. I am your annonymous Aunt Fanny.

Nobody said...

I'm kind of shocked that marriage hasn't reigned in your geekiness one iota. If anything, it sounds like it's being encouraged.

I kneel before 'Gad!

Ryan said...

It's hilarious: my geekiness is actually rubbing off on Amy. I don't know if she's just playing "supportive wife" to the extreme, but she seems to genuinely like some of the nerdy things I'm into.

Nobody said...

Face it, you hit the jackpot!

But on the other hand it sounds like your marriage is completely malfunctioning because it was supposed to make you less like a single comic book nerd, not more like one!

Just don't ask her to dress up for conventions.