Monday, January 28, 2008

Drawings for Phinehas

These are some t-shirt designs for my friend Glen Gizzi's band, Phinehas.

This design was inspired by a goat character from the fantastic American version of Creature Comforts. Just the eyes, mouth, and face shape. Everything else came into place in my head.

This next design is based off of the nickname their band has, The Filthy Five. The gray-tone in the image would be printed as a half-tone pattern on the shirt. I found the font online, it's called "Eastwood."


Brian said...

Niiiice! Those are hilarious looking - I really like the guy on the top. Brush inks give illustrations such an awesome quality - they fit so perfectly with the illustrations.

Have you checked out

Lots of free fonts - and some really great ones.

Ryan said...

Thanks, Brian.

I think is where I found that Eastwood one, actually. I google "Western fonts" and found a bunch of great ones of all different styles.

Ryan said...

Oh yeah, I agree with you regarding brush inks as well. When I was done, I was looking at the picture as though it weren't mine, because the inks make it look professionally done.

Brian said...

Haha - nice! How far do you take your pencils when you're drawing something like this? Do you render it out fully? And when you ink how closely to you stick to your pencils?

I started my first 'big' illustration yesterday (its about 11x17) - penciled it all out but then forgot my own rule when I started inking. I've been trying to pencil as little as I can get away with but I was too nervous on this one for some reason . . . so I stuck my inks on my pencils as if I were tracing - and now it looks all stiff. Looks like I gotta try again.

Ryan said...

Like you, inking is my favorite part. But I find that the tighter I get my pencils, the less frustration I have with my inking. I am ALWAYS tempted to jump to inking ASAP with minimal pencils, but every problem I've run into could have been avoided had I penciled better. On more fanciful drawings, where it's ok if I invent and work a bit looser (i.e. not my comic), then moving to the inks quicker is usually fine.