Thursday, February 14, 2008

Stop sagging

I can't believe I still see guys sagging their pants. I remember when I first saw that trend when I was in junior high. That was in 1993. Like the other retarded trends of that time, I thought it had died out when everyone realized how stupid they looked.

Yet today, at Biola and around Southern California, I still see guys doing it! There is a guy on the lacrosse team who sags his workout pants! Why hasn't anyone told these guys that everyone else automatically lowers their opinion of them when they see this?

I remember visiting my friend Sean at Loyola Marymount for a couple days. I went to some of his classes with him because I didn't want to hang out in his room where his weird-and-kind-of-creepy suite-mate might stumble in and ask if I had any pot. One class was Calculus. Sitting in front of me, in the class, were two jabronies who I swear we went to high school with. And what did I get to stare at all class? Their underwear, because the tops of their pants were located under their thighs. You're in college! Stop it!!

I realize that there will always be fashion trends that I think are stupid at all times throughout my life that are matters of personal taste, but the sagging thing, besides looking stupid, actually impedes your movement. You have to walk sort of bow-legged all the time to try and keep them from falling past the magical "sag line," and you're also constantly tugging them up to keep them at this line. Ever seen a sagger run? Hilarious. I actually remember a news article from a while back where some dumb kid got caught by the cops really easily after committing a crime because his pants fell down and he tripped. That's a very satisfying bit of Natural Selection going on there.

We need some girls to tell these guys that they doofy. All it takes is one derisive laugh from a girl and one of these guys will change.


jeri said...

It's an epidemic. And now, with low-waisted jeans having been more popular more recently, it has spread to the women folk. First of all, most girls don't look good in low-waisted jeans. Second, many of them buy pants that are too tight, so the low look makes their blubber hang out unpleasantly. Third, when they sit down or bend over, other people are exposed to crack. At least with guys, they usually have boxers covering the buns.

Anyway, you could just do what Ric does. He calls out, "Pull yer pants up, yuh damn hippie!" I think it's effective, because it's obviously said in a joking manner, but it calls attention to the fact that you think the person needs to pull up their pants.

He did that to (our office) Courtney once at a party. I cracked up.

Ryan said...

Ha ha! I would have paid to see him say that to Courtney.

You're right about the low-waisted jeans on girls. You'd think they'd be self-conscious enough to realize their folds are hanging over the edges.

jeri said...

You were at the party and Ric yelled it across the room, but I think you were infatuated with your new girl at the time, since you were on one of your earliest dates together. :) (Dom's going away party)

Nobody said...

I agree with you Ryan, but you do realize you officially sound like an old man now?

I had a humbling realization of my age a couple years ago when I was out doing the town, checking out the sexy ladies, and interspersed between the thoughts of "damn she's sexy" were mental observations like "I'll never let my daughter dress like that when she's that age." The second I thought it, I realized I had officially passed the age-limit for "clubbing."

Ryan said...

Maybe, but this isn't a recent revelation. I've thought that sagging is dumb since junior high. The daughter-dressing comment is certainly "old man," but I don't think mine counts.