Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sockbaby 4: The Trailer!

Doug and the Westhavenbrook guys released the first Sockbaby 4 trailer! Here it is:

I'm one of the black-suited henchmen who pours down some steps. I'm not one of the guys who fights or gets kicked or anything, though. I did make the fake head that got toasted by Ronnie, though! It took me a long time, the melted clay smelled horrible, the face ended up looking terrible, and you only see it for half a second.

The trailer also finally reveals the mystery guest stars: Doug Jones and the Heder brothers (not to mention Rob Schrab and Isaac Singleton).

Here's a link to a downloadable version of the trailer (in much higher quality).

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Nobody said...

Wow, those fights look pretty well choreographed for a backyard production!

Ryan said...

I've seen some of the completed fights, and they are better than your average Hollywood fight (pre-Matrix). John Soares studied Jet Li's work for many years, he knows how to sell it.

John, are you telling me you haven't watched Sockbaby 1-3 yet? Good grief, man, go! They're like 20 minutes total!