Monday, September 08, 2008

Productive weekend, comic-wise

This weekend I inked two complete pages of my comic. It's the most productive I've been in a while. I also penciled and inked a potential cover, but it didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. It's not bad, it's just not the best-designed composition. I'll probably post the cover up here when I get the chance. I'm still debating whether or not to post some of the pages. Over the last 2 years I've been working on this thing, I've wanted to keep the pages to myself until I was done, but now I wonder if releasing a page per week would be kind of fun, in addition to an incentive to keep working. We'll see.

While inking I watched a bunch of movies: The Rocketeer*, The Fog of War, Thirteen Days, Master and Commander, Gorillaz videos, and Ocean's Eleven. I also took breaks to play Castle Crashers, and I unlocked the Ninja.

*The Rocketeer really needs a good Blu-Ray release. The DVD release isn't even anamorphic (meaning I had to jimmy with my TV's settings to get it to fill up the screen, and it was still stretched), the tranfer is very soft, and there are no special features to speak of. Come on! This is a popular movie that launched Jennifer Connelly, featured one of the coolest costumes ever designed, and is just a lot of fun. Side-note to the side-note: Amy and I identified Melora Hardin ("Jan" from The Office) as the singer in the South Seas Club! Further side-note: Josh, the other boss from The Office, played the pilot who gets shot down in Thirteen Days!


Brian Miller said...

Woah sweet man! I can't wait to see your work! That's really cool you got so much accomplished over the weekend.

Having worked on it for the past 2 years, do you ever struggle with the quality of your drawings now being a lot better (and subsequently different) from the drawings you did 2 years ago working on it (if you did any then)??

That's the thing I'm worried about is that my page 1 is going to look like crap compared to my page 50. My guess (and hope) is that I'll have developed a lot by that point.

Ryan said...

Oh heavens yes. I've already scanned in the first 3 pages I did and corrected the characters to make them "on-model." I also went in last night and added some more detail to some of the cave scenes because I feel like I have a better handle on how to texture them now.

Fortunately, the drawings aren't bad (well, one was, but I was planning on redrawing that panel from the beginning), they're just off-model.

jeri said...

"Breaks" for Castle Crashers, huh? A certain husband of mine, every time he got online, would say, "Hey, Ryan's online right now!" Ric is excited to know one other person who seems to play video games as often as he does. :)

Ryan said...

Ha! Yeah. :) I saw Ric online playing NHL all weekend. He has a level 34 Knight in Castle Crashers, too, which represents a decent time commitment.

Nobody said...

Oh man, I haven't seen the Rocketeer since it first came out on video! I've been meaning to get it on DVD but it sounds like it's not really worth it. But I'm glad to hear it still holds up well 17 years later... right?

Oh and congrats on making more progress on your comic. I know what it's like to make slow but gradual progress on a big project!

Ryan said...

It does hold up well. The music, the acting, the story, the production design, it's all good. The DVD is worth getting if you find it cheap. I'm glad I have it, I just wish it was at least made for widescreen TVs.

Happy late birthday, by the way! It was a week ago, wasn't it?

Nobody said...

Right-o! Too bad you weren't here to celebrate with me but we'll make up for it this Christmas hopefully. Thanks for saying so!