Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Dead Irons - new Western comic

I didn't read much of the article, but the covers captured my attention.

This first one is by Jason Shawn Alexander, and it's pretty great (wish that Dynamite logo would disappear, though). Nice composition and colors; overall good design.

This next one by Jae Lee is even better:

Great idea, great colors, great drawing. This cover would suck me in if I saw it on the rack. I'll probably check out the series, though Alexander's interior work didn't do a whole lot for me. I'd buy these two images as posters, though.


Ian said...

The Jae Lee one is gorgeous. I never really liked his early work, but I've seen glimpses of where he is at now, and he is by far one of my favorites.

Ryan said...

I'm with you there. His early work, with the weird exaggerated scale of the body parts and splattery inking style, turned me off. But now he's come into a really nice new style.