Friday, April 24, 2009

Pictures from dress rehearsal

Sean (Shawn?), the multi-talented guy who set up all the light cues for our play, took some pictures at our first dress rehearsal. Above is a picture of Randall and I having a chat about proposing to a rich old lady.

This picture really captures a certain mood of the play. From left to right are Brenton, Jonathan, and Randall, playing Charley, Babbs, and Jack, respectively.

The Chimes is supposed to be in attendance tonight to get pictures, so if I find some good ones of the girls and the rest of the cast I'll post them.

Oh yeah! Opening night went really well. We had a good audience and everyone did very well. It was fun. Another coming up tonight with some good friends in the audience.


_Shane said...

Sorry we can't make it tonight. We hope you do well!!

Nobody said...

I see you've exchanged the Hannibal King beard for a pair of Wolverine chops!

Wish I could be there!