Saturday, December 12, 2009

Blog banner

As you can see I finally got around to making a banner image for the blog. I'll post it down below as well for posterity (in case I change it later).

Here's a different version I made using images from a page from the ol' Cowboy Monkey comic (I found the decorative accents through a Google image search):

This next image is the one, as of this post's publishing date, currently being used. This was made using drawings I did for our wedding invitations back in 2007:


Ric and Jeri said...

Thanks for posting the photos in your post, otherwise people like me with Google Reader wouldn't have seen them!

aAgadoni said...

I really can't decide which one I like better. They're both great!

Justin said...

Ha! Awesome. Love them both, but I like the cowboy monkeys better, and vote that their banner gets its well-deserved hour in the limelight of the header.

Justin said...

Because they don't look like they're having fun, and that's funny.

It's asking me to write "bokeys" as a word verification. And that's funny too.

Ryan said...

Thanks, guys!

They're both sort of ironic. The "happy monkey" drawing provides an absurd contrast to the text, while the "bitter monkey" drawing reinforces the already-absurd premise of the text.

But now I just analyzed a cartoon, so I'll go jump in a lake.

"Bokey" is the name of my new band. Or it could be a colonial ointment used to fight "the drifts."

Matt said...

I'm with Justin. The non-funny monkey's are actually quite.

Pholo is my verification.

Pholo Bokeys?

Nobody said...

I also believe that the Cowboy Monkeys are a better representation of the frequently Western concerns of this blog.

Ryan said...

All right, I changed it you whiners.

Actually, I think you all may be right. But I do still like the jumpy monkeys.