Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ugly Dogs vs. Handsome Dogs

I'd like to set the record straight on this dog issue. I see too many people out there with ugly dogs. You can expect teenage girls, the elderly, and women in matching track suits to have ugly dogs. This isn't an excuse, but at least it's a reason. If you are a person with one of the following dogs, shame on you.

By the way, you don't get a special pass for being good looking:

Nor do you get a special pass for being not-good-looking (I apologize for subjecting you to this photo):

Some general rules for ugly dogs: curly hair, super tiny, really long hair.

Handsome dogs (if you own one of these, be proud -- you have a real dog):

There are many more options on both sides, but this should serve as a good primer.


jeric2003 said...

Hahahah! Harsh! I think a couple off your ugly list could be passable with a good grooming. But I'll probably look for dogs in the latter category when I own a home one day. Love that fail picture, by the way.

Ryan said...

No, Jeri! None of the dogs in the Ugly category can be made passable. They are ugly as a breed. It sucks for them, but that's the way it is. Somebody in history decided "Ugly" and "Ridiculous" were the new "Good Looking" and "Appropriate" and bred Pomeranians.

Cyn said...

I dunno Ry. I kinda agree with Jeri. I think Cockers can be quite pretty if people take care of an maintain their hair.

BUT... my all time favorite dogs to fall in your handsome dogs category. Labs, Beagles, Huskies!

Ryan said...

Points for preferring the handsome dogs, Cyndi, but menos muchos puntos for your Cockerspaniel comment. It is wrong. WRONG.

Ian said...

I knew a Dudley-dag had to make it. /hug Corgis

Anonymous said...

Ugly dogs need love too.
And I assumed that pugs would be at the top of any ugly dog list.
I love pugs, but they're pretty ugly. Bulldogs too. Anyways, I think spaniels are one of the least ugly dogs. I mean look at those eyes.
Anyways, I'm getting side-tracked. My point is, ugly dogs need homes and loving owners as well. I think that every dog deserves a good home whether it is deemed "ugly" or not. When all you care about is the appearance of a dog, then you're no better than those people who try to get those little mutated purebred teacup dogs.

Anonymous said...

mutant: http://s3.hubimg.com/u/1616654_f496.jpg

Harold said...

Haha. That's not so bad; look at this: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-qY-KbeFTyYw/TghD02s-oUI/AAAAAAAABhw/hpVoUfVEnzk/s1600/ugly.jpg

Ryan said...

What the what? How did (whoever you are) find this blog 2.5 years after I posted it?

Anyhow, thanks for commenting. I'm mainly against the propagation of ugly dogs. It's fine to keep and care for the ones already in existence, but don't further the breed by buying new ones. That creates demand and more of them. Also, I don't think people get ugly dogs because they feel sorry for them. People get them because they think they're cute. And they're wrong.

Finally, cocker spanials are butt-ugly. Those floppy ears, that long wavy hair. Gag.