Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TenNapel Art Acquisition

I can now check off "Doug TenNapel" on my Original Comic Page acquisition sheet.

This weekend I joined my friends Ethan Nicolle (of Chumble Spuzz and Axe Cop fame) and Doug TenNapel (not famous) at the Wizard World convention in Anaheim. It was very different from the San Diego Comic Con in that you could actually walk freely around the halls.

Doug was selling more original art, and this time he actually included Solomon Fix pages (from Flight Volume 2)! I've been after these things for years. It's my favorite art of his. Unlike his later books, which have good art but are more concerned with telling the story, these have a lot more time put into the design of the page. They're also more cartoony and creature-based, which is my favorite work of his.

I bought these two pages (the best pages of the book, I think).

These pages join the ranks with my Rob Schrab Scud page and Steve Purcell Sam & Max page.

There are still many other artists I'd like to collect, but I think I have a pretty bitchen collection so far.

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