Monday, July 26, 2010

Guest Axe Cop comic!

Hey all*. Sorry it's been a once-a-month update schedule lately. But things are happening in real life!

First off, we just got back from Comic Con late last night (lousy I-5 decided to add an extra hour to our normal commute -- at 10pm on a Sunday). It was a lot of fun and we had a great time seeing friends. Hopefully I'll talk more about it later.

One of the more exciting things for me was that my friend Ethan asked if I'd do a guest comic for Axe Cop while he was down at the convention. So I did one! And it was really fun to make, and people seemed to like it. You can see it up here. I know, I know: "Monkeys aren't funny." It's kinda funny seeing them killed, though, right?

*Mom and Google Bot.

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jeric2003 said...

Just checking in for REAL. Just this once.