Monday, October 25, 2010

That Thomas Kinkade movie...

Jeri and Jon: remember, years ago in the movies folder on bubbs, discussing Peter O'Toole being in a Thomas Kinkade movie?  Well it exists.  It is real.  It is out on Blu-Ray.  And the craziest thing is, the review actually kind of sells it.  It still says it's full of sentimental syrup, but it also says it's got some genuinely good moments, in both writing and performance.

Read the full review here.


Ian said...



The woman makes some TERRIBLE noises.

jeric2003 said...

RE Ian's links:
Wow, humble, isn't he? I can't believe how he talks about his own art like that.

Ryan said...

I think that's the thing that grates on people the most. His art is kitschy junk, but if he had any kind of humility I'd be able to tolerate him a lot easier. Jon Davis (creator of Garfield) may be the same kind of commercial salesman, but I've never heard him champion himself as some sort of great artist.

Jonathan said...

Not that this makes his art any worse than it already is, but according to an LA Times investigation, Kinkade is an unpleasant human being both in personal terms and in business practice, and it concludes with an allegation of sexual harassment.

Unfortunately I can't get this article to consolidate into a single-page or printer-friendly version, so I had to copy all eight pages into a single file to read it (email me if you want the attachment):