Monday, April 24, 2006


I got my latest batch of vinyl stickers in! These are, without a doubt, my finest stickers to date.


$1, or free with a shirt order. New shirts should be coming this summer, but right now I'm working on a comic that I want to get done before the Comic Con at the end of July.


Just got back from a trip to Michigan last Friday. Amy and I took a week off to visit her family and see the many wonders of Michigan. Not only was it my first time meeting her (wonderful, as it turns out) family, it was my first time in Michigan. We saw the Mackinaw Bridge, Petoskey, and Grand Rapids. And woodchucks. And dear. And potentially leech-infested areas.

Big gulps, huh? Welp, see you later!


jeri said...

sweet! which designs are going to be on the shirts?

Ryan said...

The "Boobies!" design on girl shirts. They're going to be the new black, trust me.

frak said...


I need details!

jeri said...

Nice. I love black, so I'll have to buy one.

Jonathan said...

I am not your welp!

Dude, you're gonna be selling a comic at Comic Con? Are you going to have a booth or will you peddle your wares on foot?

Or is this a give-away comic with which to impress prospective employers?!

You know, I've published things. You should send your comic my way and I'll let you know if it fits in with our publishing philosophy. I'm always willing to take a chance on a new-comer and you might get lucky.

But even if we don't take you on board, you had nothing to lose and I would have a gratis Agadoni comic.

Ryan said...

This comic will be strictly "sold" out of the booth that looks suspiciously like my backpack. The "price" will be a heartfelt promise to read it and also spam it to all their friends and put it up on BitTorrent sites like it was the newest Family Guy episode. In fact I recommend calling the file "newst famly guy -501 - peter does things" and I will be guaranteed a million downloads.

Jonathan said...

Awesome. Please notify me when "newst famly guy -501 - peter does things" is available online so I can read it.