Friday, May 12, 2006

First Look: Pook Chase

Here's a li'l piece I drew up last night depicting a possible scene from the comic I'm working on. I'm still working out the title and all that, but the two characters you see running are named George and Ben.

I was working on a gray-toned version but Photoshop crapped out on me and erased all my work. Gall-dangit.

Oh yeah, one more note: this is an homage to piece by Doug TenNapel that can be found in his convention sketchbook from last year which featured, guess what, two dudes getting chased by a giant thing.


frak said...

Frankie likes what he sees!!!

Jonathan said...

I like your trees. You can tell a lot about an artist by his trees.

Kenfield said...

WOW RYAN! I love this! Now you got me looking forward to reading it some day!


Ryan said...

Thanks, Josh. Sorry, for some reason my comment moderation got turned on, hence your posts not showing up at first.