Thursday, October 04, 2007

Interview with Dominic about Gunplay

While perusing the comic blogs Nobody told me about, I found an interview with our friend Dominic Vivona and the writer of their comic, Jorge Vega.

Lookin' good, guys! You have my Official Stamp of Approval.


Nobody said...

Awesome! Great interview, congrats to Dom!

So are you going to aim your sights at Gunplay's gunplay or are friends the exception here at Monkeys Aren't Funny And Especially Not Guns!

Ryan said...

Hahaha, nice. Fortunately, I've seen Dom's Western work before, and it's top-notch. His guns are beautiful. He adds his own flourishes, but they are completely within the realm of realism and don't have weird mechanics. He is an artist who meets my very high standards in every way.

Regarding the criticism of friends, you'll recall that I complained to my good friend Frankie for his laser-like "gun" in his cowboy monkey picture. (Check the comments section of this post:

Nobody said...

You are a lazy b.

In the last comment I left on another post I bother to embed no fewer than three links but you can't do one? It's called courtesy!

Ryan said...

Oh, you know what, I didn't think it was possible to imbed links in comments due to my Blogger settings. Whoops.