Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Stealz my shirtz

Short recap: a friend of mine discovered a shirt at Urban Outfitters in Virginia that was a clear rip-off of a drawing from my website. (Click here for pictures.)

In an unrelated (or is it?) incident, our garage was broken into a few weeks ago. It didn't look like anything was stolen at first. We don't really keep anything valuable in there (some camping supplies, an old suitcase, Amy's crash-pad), so we didn't bother filing a police report at the time. But, when I got an email from a woman who wants to buy one of my shirts, I discovered that my box of shirts was gone! I hadn't noticed it until I went to look for them, and then I knew exactly where they had been in our garage. Who steals shirts? How on earth is that profitable? If I see someone around town with one of my shirts, and I don't know them, I'll know where they got it.

So now I've had a design stolen and put on a shirt, and shirts with my own designs stolen.

Stop teh stealz plz!


Nobody said...

Dude, they broke in JUST to steal your shirts! I know that sucks but you've definitely arrived!

Now if you find someone you don't know wearing one you can interrogate them Bale-man style:

"Who sold you this shirt?!!!!"

"I don't know his name, swear to God!"

"Swear to ME!"

jeri said...

Wow. They suck. All of them! (not your shirts, the stealers)