Monday, April 14, 2008

Sockbaby 4: The Shoot

Have you all seen Sockbaby? If yes, good. You're my kind of person. If no, go soak your head. Then watch it online. There are decent quality Quicktime files available for download on that site. You can also watch them on YouTube, but when you have Quicktime versions, why bother?

Ok, you've seen all three episodes now? Great, right? Awesome kung fu, great dialogue, wonderful characters. Written and directed by Doug TenNapel and the Westhavenbrook boys.

Well, they're back shooting a sequel, Sockbaby 4: The One with No Sockbaby (my title), and last weekend Amy and I got to help out with the shooting. It's shooting in Doug's backyard over three weekends. Amy was craft services and official set photographer for the weekend, and I was mostly Umbrella Boy, shading the actors, crew, shots, anything that needed to get out of the scorching 90 degree heat. I also helped build some props, cleaned some tools, struck some sets, and laughed at everything that was going on with the shoot. Doug got some Hollywood buddies to co-star in the movie this time, which was fun (big names, too!). When I'm allowed, I'll post a bunch of pictures that Amy took (or I'll show you next time I see you). The movie is tentatively planned to be released at Comic Con this summer, but nothing's in stone yet. They have to finish it first. But from what we saw just this weekend, it's going to be great. Really inventive and funny.

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Kenfield said...

That awesome you guys! We're rather envious.