Monday, September 03, 2007

Cowboy Monkeys from Comic Con 2007

Here you go! These are all the cowboy monkey sketches I collected at Comic Con this year, in the order in which I received them.
First is Gabe's (from Penny Arcade). A fine rendition! A good way to start the series.

Next is one of my favorites, illustrated with shaming speed by Sir Eef.

Next is by J. Goldberg, the artist from this book. I think it's a great monkey.

Then comes Val's irrepressably cute anime version:

Frank Cho provided his own alter-ego for this one:

I caught Rob Schrab and got this piece! A bargain at $20.

Then I had my good friend Frak take a crack at it. My only solace is that I can draw better guns than he can.My friend Mike whipped up this little ditty over lunch. As usual, he takes the opportunity to make a respectful tribute to our nation's history.

Then our friend and Comic Con buddy two-years-running Steve followed it up with an insightful take on a modern political issue. (He kept insisting that he sucked at drawing -- good one, Steve!):

Next I handed my sketchbook to Doug:Then, just across the floor from Doug, I asked Steve Purcell if he would oblige. He looked hesitant, and said, "It'll just be a quick one," and then ended up with this:

Then forum friend Sean gave me this! I couldn't believe how many people could draw good cowboy hats. I suck at them.


Nobody said...

Steve Purcell's is my favorite, even though the face has something in common with all those Chimpy Bushitler type cartoons.

Ryan said...

That's my favorite too.

Here's a bit of fanboy stuff for you: while Purcell was sketching, Mike Mignola came around and started asking when they were going to dinner. I didn't get the nerve to ask him for a sketch on the spot.

frak said...

Awww cool you posted them. And boy does mine suck! X( I need to draw you a new one or something. EWW! Me no like mine.

Ryan said...

Yours is great except for the laser gun!

Samson said...

Haha! Awesome! Val's, Doug's and Purcell's are my faves. Nice work on every one though.


Andrew M. said...

Hey Ryan,

Ran across this and thought of your post. Check it out...not sure if it's a cowboy monkey, but he's got a gun.