Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Clutch ranked

This post is dedicated to Ian, Matt, and my Beloved (Amy loooooves being called that).

Clutch Albums That I Own (From Best to Not As Awesome But Still Rad):
Blast Tyrant - Man, this is such an awesome album. It starts blowing your face off from the very first song, and never lets up the whole album. Good gravy, the guitars, the drums, and the singing are all incredible.

Pure Rock Fury - If it were any other band, I'd ridicule the title for not delivering. But Clutch delivers, to your doorstep with signature required, a kick to the goji berries. Of rock. Yes, I can craft a fantastic metaphor, and thank you for noticing.

Robot Hive/Exodus - Not quite as all-around great as the previous two (a couple weaker songs are present), but just listen to Burning Beard! By gum, 'tis awesome.

From Beale Street to Oblivion - Their latest. Not as all-around awesome as the previous three, but still some good bluesy-rocky-metallic stuff. I'm disappointed, overall, because the songs kind of melt together, leaving no particular stand-outs to my ears.

Thanks for listening, none of you. I wish I had any friends who were into Clutch or PC games, because I have to burden Amy with all the stuff that I love but no one else does.


Matt said...


Ian said...


*hey matt, fancy meeting you here..on the floor.

Ryan said...

Ha HA! I love the pwnage. It is my dark addiction.

By the way, I ordered Elephant Riders and I think Amy might get me a different Clutch album for Christmas. So there will be two more to add to the list.