Friday, December 14, 2007

Comic artists and me

Amy took these photos at Comic Con last summer. These should have gone up as companions to this post. These are some of the artists who drew cowboy monkeys in my sketchbook.

The now-famous eef!

Val, in a rare smiley moment.

Frank Cho

OMAGAW it's Stan Sakai looking at my work!!!!1

Rob Schrab is a friendly guy. His girlfriend looks on from the background.

Doug TenNapel draws the dirtiest monkey of the bunch.

Steve Purcell is a very generous guy. I mean, I did buy all his stuff, but still, he spent like 10 minutes on my sketch.


Anonymous said...

you're teasing us aren't you.

eef said...

wow, i look like a red mound with a pen. ~eef

Ryan said...

Who's teasing you?

Anonymous said...

in a blog post about monkey pictures drawn by famous artists, you don't actually show the monkey pictures.


Ryan said...

anonymous, read the opening sentence of the post again. There's a big fat link that leads to the monkey pictures you desire.

Amanda Mae said...

I love TenNapel, so very much.