Saturday, December 08, 2007

Hockey game with the Prices

Amy and I went with Ric and Jeri Price to a Kings game on Thursday and had a ton of fun. Ric got tickets through work for some great seats, and they invited us to go along. Very generous of them. It was in the middle section, slightly to the left of the center line. We had a great view of the action.

I've only been to one other hockey game in my life, and that was on a GYRAD freshman year with a bunch of people I didn't know. We had nosebleed seats and it wasn't that great. I don't even remember who won or my date's name. Thursday night was better in every respect.

Ric is a huge Kings fan, so it was really fun sitting with someone who is enthusiastic about both the sport and the team. Jeri, too, is a fan (I think she had to become one when she married Ric), and knows a ton about the team and the season. They watch or attend every game, I think.

The Kings have been really bad lately, so it was awesome seeing them beat Buffalo 8-2. It was a fun game to watch. There was a fight in the first period, some good checks throughout, and some really nice shots and plays.

During one of the breaks between periods, we were all hanging out in the lobby area stretching our legs. A woman walked right by our group, and she looked familiar. Ric noticed her, too, and over the noise of the area, I heard him say "...The Office..." to Jeri. She looked like Jan from The Office, we both thought. Sure enough, when she came back our way, it was Melora Hardin! My wife, displaying some heretofore unknown brass for this sort of situation, followed her, tapped her on the shoulder, and said, "Hi, I love your show!" "Oh! Thanks!" Jan replied. Turns out she was sitting just a few rows over from us. We all went and sat down, marveling at Amy's celebrity-courage, and then decided we should ask to get a picture with her once the game was over. Alas, the Kings were so far ahead that Jan and her three friends left midway through the third period, so we never got our chance. Jeri was quick enough to snap a picture of her as she was leaving, though, so we have proof.


Meloradrama said...

Yup, sure is. That looks like her husband behind her, actor Gildart Jackson. If you are interested in learning more about Melora, including over 300 photo's and over 30 video clips, come on by the fan page. Currently, it's at Myspace at, but I am in the midst of building an official fan page with forums, live chat, and much, much more. I'll be flying out to Hollywood this January to meet with Melora after her Catalina Jazz club performance, and she's going to sign a whole bunch of loot for me as well. I'll be holding a huge contest when I get back, so be sure to check in with us if you'd like to participate. You can also find a link to the fan page at Melora's official site,, under her links section. While you're there, be sure to check out her beautiful singing voice with her free sample tracks off of "PURR".

Nobody said...

It's a good thing you have proof or else I never would have believed your craaazy story! A celebrity at a sports event in Los Angeles? That's insane!

I kid, I kid!

Ryan said...

You should ask Jeri about all the other celebrities they've seen there.

Also, I know it's not unusual to see celebs at sporting events, but It's just not as big as basketball, football, or baseball. The venue is a bit cozier, so there's more of a chance you'll run into someone if they're there, of course. Laker games must be nuts! I bet you see 10 celebrities up close at every home game.

BTW, thanks for the comment, Meloradrama. I had no idea she was a singer.