Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Dear Movie Studios

Please stop releasing great new DVD sets with no Blu-Ray counterpart. I'm so glad to see you're spending so much time and money producing these lavish new sets of great films, but I'm not buying DVDs anymore. I'm referring to the new Vertigo, Psycho, Rear Window, Touch of Evil, and Big Lebowski sets. All great films that I would buy, but not on low resolution standard DVD.

So please. It's like, come on. This is the end of 2008, and I have a hi-def TV and a PS3. I ain't be interested in no dang 480p.


BrendoMan said...

You're too far ahead of the curve, man. Enjoy your blu-ray, but realize that ma and pa in middle america JUST ditched their VCR. It's going to be awhile.

Ian said...

Also, Dear Movie Studios, please add to Ryan's list all of the Steven Seagal movies that he loves. Please also add Paul Walker's amazing performances in "Too Fastestest, Too Furioserer" part 1-5 (scratch "Tokyo Drift"). I ask that you please get to producing these first before anyone of the ones he mentioned. He will be very grateful.

A close and trusted friend of Ryan's, whom he looks to for movie advice when rottentomatoes can't satiate him.

Matt said...

Dear Movie Studios,
Please replace all actors with Paul Walker when you produce the final blue ray version of your films, and have all commentaries be spoken by Vin Diesel. Also, as suggested by a previous comment poster, please add "er" to every title. For example: "Star Warser", and "Psychoer".

A movie fan who saw Citizen Kane before Ryan.

Ryan said...

I hear you, Brendan, except the studios have already made the exact moves I'm asking for for so many other movies: The Godfather Trilogy, The Harryhausen Collection, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Rio Bravo, The Cowboys, etc. All these old classic movies that received both new SE DVDs and Blu-Ray releases at the same time. Since the elements are there, and the market is there, why not release both? It's not like I'm demanding something unheard of or something that is a business risk. Blu-Ray is 2 years old now and has seen a faster adoption rate than DVD did in its inception.

Also, to Ian: I hate you.

Ryan said...

Matt, I hate you too.

BrendoMan said...

Good point. We all know the studios are idiots.