Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mon oncle Antoine (1971)

Turns out, Mon oncle Antoine is not Mon oncle. FYI in case you thought you were in for a light-hearted, slap-stick French comedy.

My dad rented this through Netflix and I have no idea why. It was billed as a "bittersweet comedy." While there are a couple funny moments, most of it is a sad, uncomfortable, and unrelatable coming-of-age story set in rural Canada. It was really fun watching it with my family on a Saturday night.

I'm not going to give this a proper review. Not that it doesn't deserve it, but I can't think of anything worthwhile to say about it. The gag with the nail barrel was my favorite part, particularly when one guy ghost-steps over the place where it used to be while staring at a beautiful woman.

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