Thursday, May 07, 2009

Dear diary: recent sports

First up: softball. Pirate Monkeys! Our season is almost over. We made it into the playoffs merely by existing (our record is 1-6 or something). But we're actually a good team. We've often lost by only one run, so the playoffs aren't a completely laughable prospect. Amy joined the team again this year (my Amy, I mean), which has been fun. Josh and Ben have also come up for a few games (mostly Josh). I've been pitcher again this year, which I like. Got my first pitching wound a few weeks ago when I caught a line-drive off the shins, though. Ironically, it was during our game against a team whose pitcher we nailed the same way last year.

Second: lacrosse. I've been joining Josh's Monday night classes for a few weeks now. I really enjoy it, but I realize I'm intruding on a class I'm not taking, so I try to switch out and play goalie at least once per game (goalie being an unpopular position).

Last night I joined a handful of guys from the Biola team in a scrimmage against La Mirada High School. While I was in horrible shape, it was still a lot of fun. Scored one easy goal at the very end on a pass from Billy. The McMahan brothers have been helping out with the LM team for a little while now. The LM guys seem like a good group. Very enthusiastic about the sport, and they show promise.

(This post is mostly for my own benefit. I often forget about details, so I like reading back through old posts.)

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