Friday, May 22, 2009

Red Steel 2

Way back when the Wii was first announced and demoed, I was super excited. My excitement tipped over into mania when Red Steel was announced: a first-person shooter that had samurai sword fights. Sword fighting with the Wii's motion sensitive controllers? AWESOME! 1-to-1 motion sensing!

Then the game came out and apparently sucked, so I never even rented it. The Wii's motion-sensing capabilities were not up to the task of translating your motion into sword movement accurately. What a let-down.

But now that the Wii Motion Plus is coming out, they've announced Red Steel 2, in which you will play as, wait for it, cowboy-ish dude with an Old West revolver and samurai sword! The Wii Motion Plus is supposed to make the controller much better, giving it the full range we all thought the original was supposed to have. So now, 1-to-1 sword fights are possible? I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I will be awaiting the reviews with a bit of that original enthusiasm I felt a few years ago.

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_Shane said...

I saw this announcement a few days ago and immediately thought of you. Hopefully it turns out good!