Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Family Brag: Surfing

I may have mentioned here before that my brothers are great surfers, but I just discovered that, as of this weekend, there is finally a qualitative measurement that will prove it.

Josh participated in a fund-raising surf contest last Saturday and took 2nd! He got a giant trophy and everything. I think he said there were about 30 contestants. The guy that took 1st also got 1st last year, and his name was "Lance," which fits in perfectly with Josh's dream of being in North Shore (the bad guy in the movie, played by surfing legend Laird Hamilton, was also named Lance). The funds were raised for a Mormon scout troop, I believe, which doesn't fit in quite as well with the North Shore narrative.

Anyhow, thought that was cool.


Josh said...

You're a pal, Ryan. Thanks for being excited for something pretty trivial.

Ryan said...

You read my blog? This is more than I had ever hoped for! Oh day of days!

Of course, your only comment ever has been on the post about you. Jerk.

frak said...

Do I get a blog post? :P

Ryan said...

Did you win a surf contest?