Thursday, September 10, 2009

This year's stupid trend

Every Fall I get to watch all the new students come back to Biola with all their new clothing trends and what-not. I'm now six years out of college, which is apparently long enough for me to notice and hate what all the kids are wearing.

Some of the trends from the last few years include: head-bands (guys and girls), leggings under skirts and shorts (girls), Castro hats (girls and guys -- only lasted for a brief season, though), vests (girls, some guys). Most of these are gay-tarded and I hate them. (Amy is now writing me an angry comment about "gay-tarded.")

The newest one, which isn't all that new, but has surged in popularity, is cut-off jeans. For dudes. And not baggy jeans, the tight hipster jeans. I tried finding a picture of a dude wearing this online, but Google Image Search still insists that mostly girls are wearing this, so that will have to do. Rest assured, though: the picture below is exactly what these shorts look like on these guys.

What's worse, some of these dudes cut them off just below the knees, making them effectively "man-pris" (credit goes to my friend Joel for coining that term). It used to be just one guy we saw a few years ago wearing shorts like this. Now every hipster dude at Biola is wearing them.

Youths! Youths and their clothes! *waives cane menacingly*


jeri said...

I've noticed it a lot on both genders. Most of the girls I see wearing it are NOT enhancing their best attributes.

I definitely have noticed a lot more effeminate outfits on the guys this season, more than any other season.

I try to tell myself that the fashion is just getting worse, as opposed to the idea that I'm just getting older and less in touch with the young ones. :)

Ryan said...

Ha, yeah. I'll join you in the "fashion is getting worse" camp.

"Ironic dorky" is past its prime.

(Said the man with cartoon character shirts.)

(But I actually love them, dang it!)

Ian said...

Ryan, this is your greatest post ever.

I think if I worked at BIOLA, and had to see this everyday, I would suffer from a stroke daily.

Matt said...

I laughed so hard at 'gay-tarded', I couldn't even read the rest of the post. I assume it was as brilliant as that phrase.

Well done!

Ryan said...

I aim to please the Bs.

frak said...

well then you must hate me, b/c I was so poor over the summer not having a job for 3 months and no income I had cut some jeans into shorts...

...can we still be friends?

Ryan said...

Oh no! Whenever you critique a trend, you run the risk that one of your friends is a participant.

Sorry, Frankie.