Tuesday, March 04, 2008

King of Kong (2007)

King of Kong is a very entertaining documentary. Billy Mitchell is an all-time great villain, and Steve Wiebe is a great underdog hero. The documentary chronicles Steve's attempts to beat Billy's long-time Donkey Kong score.

Billy may have the worst haircut ever to appear in a documentary.


jeri said...

I think this is in my queue. Now I've gotta check!

BrendoMan said...

I LOVED this doc. It deserved an Oscar nod, seriously. The DVD has a ton of great special features. It's definitely on my to-buy list. Did you go to the booth at comic-con last summer? It was pretty sweet. Steve Weibe was there playing Donkey Kong and giving people tips.

Ryan said...

That's cool. Had I seen the doc, I probably would have gone. It would have been cool to meet Steve Weibe.