Thursday, March 20, 2008

Recent South Park episodes - ehh

South Park recently started up their 12th season to my delight. I'm a big fan of the show. I have seasons 2-10 on DVD (the first season, as hilarious as it was when I first saw it in early high school, doesn't hold up well to the later seasons). The new episode that aired last week was titled Tonsil Trouble. Amy and I watched it at Ric and Jeri's after watching In the Name of the Father. It was ok.

The premise is that Cartman gets AIDS from a blood transfusion while having his tonsils removed. At first, Kyle can't stop laughing. Cartman gives Kyle AIDS to get back at him. Then Kyle stops laughing. They discover the cure: injecting liquefied money into their veins. They are led to this cure when they see that Magic Johnson has had AIDS for years with no symptoms and sleeps next to his money.

There was some sort of commentary going on, with Cartman lamenting the fact that no one cares about AIDS as a cause anymore (it's all about cancer now), and with Kyle realizing that AIDS isn't funny once he has it, and with money being the cure for AIDS, but there's no pay-off. It felt like they had some decent ideas but couldn't come up with a good punchline. There are some funny moments, like the repeated "Are you positive?" "I'm HIV positive" routine, and the Jimmy Buffet stuff, but overall the laughs are few and far between.

This weeks episode, Britney's New Look, is even less funny. Again, they have some ok ideas, but the pay-off is weak, and I really couldn't take watching Britney's half-head all episode. The funniest bits were the townspeople singing in Latin, mimicking the ominous music from movies of that type. Other than that, I didn't really laugh.

I hope the guys get back from vacation soon, because I miss the good South Park of only a few months ago (Guitar Queer-O and The List were hilarious).


jeri said...

I agree, except I thought last week's episode was worse. I thought the segments with Britney's new single were funny.

eef said...

I agree kind of, except I thought the list was the one of the lamest episodes ever. The AIDS episode wasn't funny much. The Brittany episode was almost more sad then funny in a creepy kind of way. I liked the point they made with that one, though it seemed to be at the expense of the humor.

Ryan said...

You're right, they made their point at the expense of humor in the Britney one.

The List cracked me up, though. The way the girls interacted at their meeting got me.