Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Movie Night, Price is Right

(Title makes no sense, but it has "Price" and rhymes)

We had our first movie night with the Prices last week. We watched In the Heat of the Night (which only I had seen!) and had jambalaya for dinner. It was a good time. Ric and Jeri described some new shows we need to see, we discussed the finer points of South Park, and we ate peanut butter M&Ms and popcorn.

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jeri said...

Wohoo! The Price IS right, though, because it's free, so it TOTALLY makes sense.

We had an awesome time. Please ignore the yawns. We work too hard sometimes.

Speaking of which... Ric and I need to decide who's picking for next week! I have some ideas rumbling around. And we'll probably send you home with some Sealab or Harvey Birdman. :)