Monday, July 07, 2008

New Digital Bits shirt (Comic Con themed)

The Digital Bits just put up the new shirt they're selling at this year's Comic Con. Sarah, Todd and I developed the idea and I drew it. The original version actually depicted Batman and Wonder Woman towing R2-D2, but their "legal department" nixed that one, so Todd and I came up with this final design based on some typical Comic Con attendees.
If you've ever driven from San Diego to LA up the 5, you should get the reference. Having lived here all my life, I don't know how much of a universal symbol this sign is. Will attendees from a non-border state get it?

Also, in case you can't identify the types: furry, anime cosplayer chick, and kid with Naruto headband and homemade cardboard box costume.


Brian Miller said...

Dude sweet!! So they'll be sellin these at the con? Man I can't wait . . . I think we're going to the con thursday and friday - possibly part of saturday. When are you gonna be there?

Ryan said...

We're going hopefully for part of Friday (we have to work 1/2 day that day, so we'll head down after work), all of Saturday and Sunday. I'm bummed I couldn't get work off to go on Thursday and all of Friday. :( Hopefully I'll see you there, though. And Hethe, too.