Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Reborn and a newborn

Drawings, that is. Angela (a.k.a. Curly or Sweetness) commissioned these from me a while back.

This first one is a redo of this piece, entitled "flee!"

Next is a redo of this drawing.

This last one is brand new. I wrote the "Cat wizards" bit a long time ago and I don't remember why, but it can only be a reference to Frak Fraco.


Charles W said...

I love the last one

Ryan said...

Thanks, Charles!

frak said...

How am I just seeing this?!?

Ryan said...

I always wondered why you didn't comment 1.5 years ago.

frak said...

haha this comes up on Google Image search of "frakfraco".

Yeah thats right I Googled myself! SO WHAT!

Ryan said...

I do it at least a few times every year. It's nice having a unique name that allows me to easily find direct references to me. It's fun finding people you don't know linking to or talking about your images.